Say goodbye to AC power cords as we introduce the new Hot Fix applicator made especially for people on-the-go! The Battery Hot Fix Complete Bundle gives you the freedom to work anywhere, at any time! This kit is perfect for traveling when you need an instant quick fix and need to add sparkle to any look. This bundle includes the battery hot fix pen, 1 tip, 8 packs of crystals, 8 packs of studs, tweezers, 3 AA batteries, 2 pieces of cards, pattern paper, instruction manual, and both upper & lower case stencils! Everything you need to your DIY accessory projects! The beautiful high quality crystals contains hard clue at the back that becomes soft when heated. Colors included are Crystal, Apricot, Rose, Yellow Topaz, Sky Blue, Blue Sapphire, Spring Green, and Black Diamond. This bundle also includes the follow studs: Nail Heads, Rhombus, Hexagonal Round, Octagon Silver, Skulls, Pyramid, Conical, and Octagon Black.

Battery Hot Fix Tool Complete Bundle

SKU: Battery Hot Fix Complete