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WeSupplyDIY is an authorized reseller of Ultrasuede® fabric by Toray.

1yd - 2yds = $60.99 per yard

3yds - 4yds = $58.66 per yard

5yds - 6yds = $57.00 per yard

7yds - 9yds = $55.57 per yard

10yds and up = $54.10 per yard


Style: 223 Composition: 65% polyester ultra-microfib~r non-woven with 35% non-fibrous polyurethane binder Width:45" Thickness: 0.8mm Weight: 6.43 oz. per square yard (±4%) Fiber Fineness: 0.14d


Unlimited Possibilities & Applications

The soft, plush & luxurious appeal are combined w/ high functionality & durability.

•           Soft touch, w/ luxurious texture.

•           A wide range of exquisite colors.

•           Superior durability.

•           Breathability & permeability for true comfort.

•           All-weather flexibility keeps Ultrasuede® feeling warm in cold temps & cool when it's hot.

•           Easy to care for & maintain.

•           Made w/ advanced technologies including recycled & biomass-derived polymers.

•           It's both uniform & lightweight, easily processed for a multitude of products & uses.

•           Widely adaptable to a variety of specifications, functions & applications.

•           Unlimited creative options like laser cutting, embossing or printing.



Ultrasuede® excels in fashion applications. For decades, its extraordinary beauty—both visual & when held in the h&—has been a source of inspiration to many of the world's top fashion designers. Unlike virtually any other fabric, Ultrasuede® is carefree & rewardingly easy to enjoy, day in & day out. & it stays looking new longer than most conventional garments.

•           Visually aesthetic & luxuriously tactile, Ultrasuede® is truly a pleasure to hold & behold.

•           Lightweight & breathable for maximum comfort.

•           Excellent colorfastness that holds for all of the many selections available.

•           Extra-durable, including nick-&-tear resistance.

•           Won’t stiffen, shrink or stretch, even after getting wet.

•           Provides a uniquely convenient ease of care, as well as easy washability & brushability.

•           The fabric impresses w/ both light- & heavyweight drapability.

•           Superior processability & yield compared to natural suede.

Typical Applications

Jackets, overcoats, blousons, shirts, pants, skirts, dresses


Ultrasuede® is even an integral part of today's electronics products, helping form molded skins for mobile devices & luxurious yet durable cases for laptops & cameras.

•           Washable & spot-cleanable.

•           Choose from an exciting range of colors, patterns & design capabilities.

•           with superior durability, it's resistant to abrasion & other wear & tear.

•           Resists color fading, scuffing & other signs of use.

•           Both moisture- & air-permeability ensure its dependability.

•           Highly uniform, flexible & moldable.

•           Injection moldable & thermo formable.

•           Shock absorption makes Ultrasuede® tough & reliable when you need it most.

Typical Applications

Fashion accessories like bags, shoes & hats, labels, appliques, trimmings, jewelry cases, cosmetic pouches, camera cases, cases & shells for mobile devices & medical instruments, golf bags, carry-on bags, backpacks & stationeries


•           Surprisingly lightweight for material that is so highly durable.

•           Resists scuffing & other signs of wear.

•           Excellent grip, fit & shock absorption.

•           All-weather comfort that's complemented by moisture & air permeability.

•           Washable & spot-cleanable.

•           Choose from a wide-ranging color palette, all of which offer superior colorfastness.

Typical Applications

Upper & lining materials for any kind of footwear

UltraSuede® Soft Violine

SKU: 2239376
Color: Purple