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Here are the questions we are most frequently being asked:


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What puts Ultrasuede® "in a category all its own"?

Unique and proprietary technologies make Ultrasuede® a fabric like no other. These technologies—and only these technologies—ensure unparalleled luxury, appeal, performance and ease of care.

So how can I tell if it's genuine Ultrasuede®?

If you can do a direct comparison, you'll see and feel the difference immediately: Ultrasuede® delivers much more luxurious tactile and visual effects. But first look for the Ultrasuede® trademark.

What is Ultrasuede® used for?

It would be easier to list the ways Ultrasuede® is not used. Today you'll find Ultrasuede® in shoes, hats, bags, etc. You'll see it on walls, in high-end jewelry display cases and as part of imaginative craft items far too numerous to list here.

Why do so many different kinds of designers insist on Ultrasuede®?

Experience has taught them that Ultrasuede® provides unique solutions to the most challenging creative problems. This is because Ultrasuede® ensures an unparalleled combination of luxury, appeal, performance and ease of care.

What is the best way to clean Ultrasuede®?

Restore the sensuous nap and soft luster of Ultrasuede® by lightly buffing the surface with a medium-bristle brush. Most spills and stains disappear with a gentle dab of a cloth soaked in lukewarm (about 105° F) water. Tougher stains may require a mild cleaning fluid.

Is Ultrasuede® pet-friendly?

The advanced non-woven construction of Ultrasuede® makes it inherently pet-friendly. It resists scratching, there are no threads to pull or fray, and it won’t absorb stray hairs. In the event of pet “accidents,” Ultrasuede® also resists staining and odor absorption. (Determined animals can of course scratch or damage virtually any material. As with any luxury item in a pet environment, supervision is advised.)

Will Ultrasuede® affect my allergies?

Ultrasuede® is not a complete barrier like leather and anything smaller than 10 microns will pass through the fiber.


How long does shipping take? 

VidaStop will always try and ship within 2 business days. If there will be any delay in that estimate we will contact you before hand.

How does the item come packaged?

Orders less than 5 yards are folded when shipped. If you would like it on a roll, there's a $9.99 additional fee. Orders of 5 yards or more are rolled.


Will I be charged shipping?

We offer free shipping for any order $25 and up.


What is your returns policy? 

We accept returns under the following conditions:

  1. Item(s) must be in original condition. Unflawed, unmarked, and uncut by the purchaser.

  2. Return must be received within 30 days of the receiving the product(s).

  3. A 15% restocking fee will be applied to all returns.

  4. All items that are "On Sale" are not returnable.

  5. All fabric sample orders are not returnable

  6. Unless we are in error, we do not refund shipping costs.

  7. Items returned to us in non-salable condition will be returned to sender, and no refund will be issued.

  8. If your order is deemed returnable, you will receive a refund of your order less shipping charges.

  9. Please contact Customer Service prior to returning any products back in order to ensure a refund is possible. 1-800-203-0956

Wholesale Account

How do I sign up for a Wholesale Account?

Good news! We can now offer wholesale pricing with an approved Wholesale Account! In order to be approved for a wholesale account you need to have the following information:

  1. Business Name

  2. Business Address & Phone #

  3. Business Tax ID #

If you have any questions about whether or not you qualify for a wholesale account, please feel free to contact us!


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